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Our plugins have detailed documentation in the form of video, text, or live editor examples to help you easily implement the plugin

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Beautiful Toggle
Beautiful and highly customizable Toggles to add a professional touch
Chart JS - Charts and Graphs
24 easy-to-use and highly customizable charts and graphs
Draw and Paint Canvas
A Microsoft-Paint-like painting canvas with the ability to save progress and edit later
Feedback Screenshot Widget
Get feedback like adding sticky notes to your page. Works like Usersnap
Customizable Color Picker
Add a highly customizable and beautiful color picker input to your app
Expanding Inputs
Expanding effect for standard Bubble input, multi-line input, and searchbox
Screenshot Generator
Capture a screenshot of the (1) entire webpage, (2) current screen, (3) or a specific element
Funnel Chart
A simple way to add a beautiful conversion/sales funnel to your app
Set Page Background Color
Set the page color above/below the the top/bottom of your page to match the app background
Box and Whisker Plot Chart
Customizable Box and Whisker (Boxplot) Charts
Code Editor
Easy to use HTML, Javascript, and CSS code editor
Custom Context Menu
Fully customizable menu that opens when users right-click on your page
Prevent Right Click
Prevent users from opening the context menu when they right click on the page
Group to Image
Turn a group into a PNG or JPG image in a few easy steps
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Installing the plugins

Install plugins from the TechBlocks contributor page. All plugins offer subscription and one-time purchase prices — subscriptions are pro-rated, so trying a plugin for a few days will cost you less than 50 cents.